Mini Chess
This app makes it possible to play chess variants on a smaller board. These variants have basically the same pieces and rules as standard chess, but are being played on a much smaller board. In order to adapt to each individual skill level, it is furthermore possible to configure the difficulty of the computer.
As this is just a reduced version of chess, not all of the advanced rules of standard chess are being covered. The game therefore can not end in a tie and there is no such thing as en passant or castling. You additionally have to change the rules in order to have the default winning condition of regular chess, since mini chess usually ends when the king is being captured.
This being said, a regular application for Windows can additionally be downloaded from this site. This game can therefore be enjoyed without an Android phone, as the desktop application is almost identical to the Android app.
Why is the board not displayed appropriately on my smartphone? Since rendering graphics across different platforms is not necessarily trivial, I would highly appreciate your feedback in such an occasion as I would like to resolve such issues.